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Fiji is ranked 15th in ITU's ICT Development Index for Asia and the Pacific region 2011 release. Overall Global raking is 88th out of 155 countries with an improvement from 93rd place in 2010 with a rank change of 5. View Full Report

Overall rankings for Fiji places us as the top South Pacific country, as far as ICT Development Index is concerned amongst neighboring countries Tonga, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and PNG ranked below us.

Fiji being one of the countries from the South Pacific to be ranked within the top 100 countries.

Fiji has been rated as one of the most dynamic countries with its improved IDI values at a similar pace overall between 2010 and 2011.

2012 IDI Reports on rankings are yet to be released by ITU.

“Fiji, the only small island developing state to feature among the most dynamic IDI countries, moved up five places to 88th in the IDI 2011, and increased its IDI by 14 per cent.

This is mainly due to a huge increase in its use sub-index, which has almost doubled, from 0.82 in 2010 to 1.60 in 2011, far ahead of the average use sub-index increase of 0.31. The main factor responsible for the increase is the strong growth in mobile-broadband penetration. 3G has been available in Fiji since 2008, and has been gradually extended to cover more of the archipelago’s islands and population.34 With a fixed (wired)-broadband penetration rate of only 3 per cent, and given the geographic characteristics of the country, mobile-broadband access clearly plays an important role in connecting Fijians to the Internet. In 2011, the country published its first national broadband plan, which sets development goals for 2016, including the provision of broadband services to 95 per cent of Fijian households.

Furthermore, the Fijian government is committed to making access affordable, extending e-government services and connecting schools (Fijian Government, 2011).”

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